Automation is the creation of highly reliable, self healing power system that rapidly responds to real time events with appropriate actions and ensures to maintain uninterrupted power supply to the end user. In the operation of application industry distribution system, decision making generally becomes very difficult during the abnormal conditions. Many of these difficulties could be overcome with the aid of monitoring and control functions. User-friendly controls using state-of-the-art Automation is provided to operate and monitor the panels and peripherals so that safe and reliable operation is achieved. Controls can be provided to either control the Generators, Transformers, Breakers, Lighting, etc… from a control room.


  • Control of the Generators, Transformers, Breakers, Lighting, etc… from a Human Machine Interface (HMI) / SCADA with provisions for setting parameters.
  • Visualization centered around the operator, integrates all data required to empower the operator.
  • Fault alarms are graded according to their degree of seriousness and are announced on the screen through flashing red bars and can also be combined with an audible alarm.
  • Parameter trends are logged and transformed into dynamic text and graphic displays for integrated control and monitoring.
  • It invariably brings the need for advanced computerized energy management system comprising of SCADA functionality, whole host of software package for monitoring, reporting and optimizing the power system.


Energy-Management Software is a sophisticated web-enabled, Energy-Management software product that puts critical energy information at your desktop. The Software suite combines Data Communication , Client-Server Applications and Microsoft’s advanced .NET web technology to provide you with a complete Energy-Management solution. With this you can capture, analyze, store and share energy data across your entire enterprise via LAN or WAN using a simple web browser. This makes it convenient to distribute the knowledge you need to optimize Energy Consumption which can help improve productivity while lowering energy costs.


Energy-management software is a powerful load profiling, cost-allocation and billing analysis tool, having following applications :

  • Log usage ,cost and Power-Quality data
  • View any parameter in real time
  • Create Historical Trend reports and charts
  • View Historical Trending of individual meters and groups and save tabular data for further processing and analysis
  • Establish consumption baseline and user defined time-of-use periods


Energy-management software helps Managers and Engineers solve on-going Energy-related challenges.

With Energy-management software, you can :

  • Correlate Energy costs to production costs
  • Provide accurate cost accounting based on consumption
  • Generate Energy reports and charts for a process, department, facility or enterprise
  • Optimize Energy Procurement and help negotiate better rates
  • Make decisions on Electrical capacity
  • Avoid unscheduled shutdown
  • Procure and analyze Energy information with minimum capital investment.